We buy cell phones and electronics used, cracked and broken. If you have a electronic for sale please give us a call, text or shoot us an email. We give the best price for your electronics. We do not try to give the lowest price possible because we always want our clients to come back.

Our customers use us for a number of reasons. Some people sell us their old iPhone simply because they have upgraded to a new one and have no use for their old cell phone. Other people need to pay a bill and would rather cell an unused electronic or cell phone in order to get cash.

Why are you sitting on old laptops or cell phones? Why not get cash for them. We buy cell phones that are cracked or have water damage. If you could no longer afford to pay your bill and now your old phone has a bad ESN we will still buy it.

What do we not buy? We do not buy any items that are stolen. We do not buy some electronics that are extremely old. We also do not buy cracked TVs or older stile box televisions but all other TVs are worth giving us a call about.

Can I just text you all about a price? Yes, you can. We are here for you. If you would rather text to get a price to see what we would pay for your electronics then that is fine by us. Of course you can always call or email us also. We are open for communication, you can contact us anytime or any day.

We are much different than the big names.The big name box stores offer low prices and haggle. They also offer terrible prices for electronics with cracked screens. We give cash, not store credit or gift cards. We pay you first, other big name sites pay you last. We do not change prices on quotes. The big name places give you an offer and then tell you to send the electronic or cell phone in. Once they receive the item they can change the price or simply change their mind and simply send your iPhone, iPad or any electronic back to you in the mail. The problem with those companies is it can take days on end for them to make a decision and then more days for them to send you their money.

We reserve the right to not buy any electronic. This is rare though, are a family owned business and we pride ourselves in customer service. So many times people hear the word pawnshop and they turn their faces in anger as they remember when a pawnbroker ripped them off. That is not our goal. We want to pay everyone as much as possible because we would love to keep your business for life. Many time we get asked are we a traditional pawnshop that can offer loans on items, we cannot. We are not licensed to do that. We simply give cash for iPhones, iPads, SLR Cameras and game consoles that are broken, used or water damaged.

Give us a call.


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