eBay sucks, it does. Many times potential sellers think eBay may be alternative but honestly eBay sucks.


I used to see so many late night commercials advertising books that would teach you how to make a fortune selling items on eBay in your spare time. I once loved eBay as well but I that the online auction has grown to be so bureaucratic that eBay sucks more than not.



eBay Asks for too much Information

eBay was once a place to sell items and not have to give your whole life to them. Now eBay requires all members to tell their background. eBay asks new sellers the names of their next to kin. They go further and ask the seller to name the last place the lived at. eBay has even asked sellers what was the IP address when they opened their account.



Close Accounts at Anytime

eBay can chose to close anyone’s account at anytime. To the average eBay seller this is no big deal. Many people use eBay a few times a year to sell an old pair of jeans of get rid of an old electronic after they buy the newer version. The problem with cancelled accounts arises when eBay closes accounts for people have formed a business on eBay. It is similar to getting fired from a job. A source of income that was once depended on has been taken away.



Poor Customer Service

Another problem that eBay users face is the poor customer service. Long waits are usually the norm. After an operator picks up the long line of transfer may start depending on what your concern is. At the end of the transfer line I have found myself many times on the phone with someone who has no idea how to solve my problem.



Fraudulent Buyers

I have come up on the short end the stick with many fraudulent buyers over the course of years of being an eBay user. One time I sold an item to a woman in Nevada. She received the item and then called eBay and said that I had sent her an empty box. eBay quickly froze my funds and then sent her a refund about two weeks later. I was out of an item and money. Another time I can remember was selling an item and then having the transaction be flagged hours after mailing it due to the purchase being funded with a stolen credit card. I was once again out of an item and the money that I received for it.