This about us page will be pretty short because our business is pretty simple.

We buy used and broken cell phones and electronics in South Jersey and the surrounding areas. Pawn Yours buys laptops, SLR and DSLR cameras. We buy iPhones and Samsung phones. Pawn Yours buys Apple Watches and GoPro action cameras. We buy desktops and we buy MacBook computers.

We started this business when we realized there was a need for people who have used cell phones and electronics that they no longer need. We realized that there are various reasons why people might want to sell their old cell phones and electronics so we wanted to be there for them. Some customers sell their old electronics to get cash for things they want while many of our customers are selling their electronics because the big companies that too long too pay them.

We also buy broken cell phones and electronics. Plus we buy cracked iPhones. We buy cracked back iPhones. Plus, we buy cracked back Samsung phones as well. We also buy water damaged electronics. We even buy cell phones that do not come on at all.

If you’d like to sell your old phone or electronic, simply contact us via call or text.

We now offer mobile pick up. In addition, we can come to your town in most cases and meet at a public place or police station to buy your phone. The cost of this option varies on the distance you are from us at the time of the sale.

We do not buy stolen cell phones or electronics. We do not buy lost cell phones or electronics.