Who We Are

Contact us because we are the most reliable and honest used and broken cell phones and electronics buyer in South Jersey.


We are safe and make sure that all of our meets are done with buyers who have gone through a thorough background check. You will be meeting with someone who has a clean background and has no criminal history whatsoever.

Pawn Yours meets are always in public places such that are well lit and under camera surveillance. If the idea of cash is not to your liking, we can pay you via Cash App or Venmo.


Other buyers say you have to come to them. We say that we can come to you. We understand that everyone may not be able to take a long drive to meet. Some people may not want to take a long drive to meet. We can come to your town in most situations and meet safely and securely.


We don’t leave you stranded. Everyone has had an experience when a buyer says that will meet you somewhere and they don’t. We don’t stand up sellers. We meet you on time with a smile on our face. No runaround because we value your time.

At Pawn Yours we don’t change the price at the meet. As long as the phone or electronic is what you said it was, the price remains the same. Other buyers try to reel sellers in by offering high prices only to lowball you at the time of purchase. We don’t do that because we wouldn’t someone to do that to us or our loved ones.


Selling online makes sense for some people and we get that. We are not mad at people who sell using the big brand auction. The problem is if the auction is 7 days and you have to wait 3 days for the seller to pay then you will be waiting around for almost two weeks by the time they release your money. If you don’t want to wait that long, and who would blame you, then contact us via call or text for a fast buy.


We are real small business in South Jersey. Pawn Yours is not some faceless big box brand. We live in South Jersey and we serve South Jersey. Pawn Yours has been in business since 2007 and will continue to serve Southern New Jersey the best way we can. If you are in Camden County, Burlington County, Atlantic County, Gloucester County or Salem County then contact us by call or text for a free quote on your used, broken or cracked cell phone or electronic.

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