We buy used and broken electronics in the South Jersey region. Pawn Yours is serving Camden County, Gloucester County, Salem County, Atlantic County and Burlington County. Many people have electronics laying that they no longer use. Turn it into cash. Get money for your used and broken electronics.

Cell Phones

Most of us have cell phones in our purses and pockets. They are great, they take pictures for us, hail cabs for us, give us directions…and oh yeah, make calls for us. The problem is, what happens to your old phone when you get a new one? Do you trade it into the cell phone for their lowball offer? They may not even be offering cash, most of the times it’s store credit. Instead get cash.


They allow us to surf the web and create great things but they get old quick. They also get damaged easily. If you have an old laptop or all in one desktop laying around, turn it into cash. Contact us for a free offer.

Video Game Consoles

Chances are you or someone in your house has a video game console. We have been playing video games most of our lives and they continue to get more popular every year. Maybe you have the newest PlayStation or Xbox, that’s great! But don’t forget to get some cash for the older model just collecting dust at your house.

SLR and DSLR Cameras

We buy DSLR and SLR cameras. Many people buy them and then realize they are so complicated that they’d just rather use their phone. Some people start a photography business but then move on to other businesses. Some people just upgrade to newer cameras. If you have done any of these, then sell your old cameras and camera lenses for cash.

Action Cameras

Action cameras off a great way to capture, you guessed it, action! We buy action cameras. They are great for taking on your vacation. They also create a unique way to video underwater scenes, water sports, biking and skiing. But if you are no longer using it anymore then you are not taking advantage of it’s use. Sell it for cash.

Smart Watches

We buy smart watches. They are great but in all honesty, they are a luxury that most people do not need. If you feel this way, sell your smart watch. We buy Samsung watches and Apple watches. Make sure you sign out of the iCloud before selling your Apple watch.


We buy iPads and tablets. When they first came out, they were supposed to be the computer killer. Years later the two electronics are coexisting nicely. But many people feel like tablets are just glorified huge phones. Tired of your iPad or Samsung tablet, sell it for cash.

Got Something Else For Sale?

Do you have some electronic for sale that you don’t see? Give us a call, text or email and we still might be interested in giving you a quote.